Saturday, March 27, 2010

Skype Mobile and Privacy

Those of you considering installation of Skype Mobile for Blackberry should be aware that it doesn't offer the same level of privacy features you might expect.

Specifically; in the Skype desktop app you can set "Allow IMs from people in my Contact list only" but the mobile app does not offer this option, nor does it inherit your preference from the desktop app. I've started to receive spam IM on my Blackberry via Skype. Adding insult to injury; there is no way to add the spammer to your blocked senders list via the mobile app; you have to manually type the spammer's Skype ID into the desktop app.

To be fair; Yahoo IM for Blackberry has been out for years and it STILL does not have an "Only accept IMs from people on my Contact list" feature; but I expect so little from Yahoo this doesn't surprise me. I expected more from Skype.

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