Wednesday, December 19, 2007

TS-2000 Remote Control w/ Audio

One of the fun but also useful capabilities to have in your shack is the ability to run your rig remotely. I decided to do this for my Kenwood TS-2000 since it's basically a radio wrapped around a computer and has a zillion interface options. Kenwood makes ARCP-2000, a remote display program which frankly isn't worth the $250 they ask for it. Ham Radio Deluxe (aka HRD) is a great program; it's feature-rich, highly configurable, and best of all free. You can run it over a screen-scraper like VNC, Remote Desktop, or even X-Windows. A better solution is to use the HRD remote access system; this essentially allows you to tunnel serial data to your rig and control it via a remote instance of HRD.

Two challenges exist here; publishing the HRD server over the Internet without open router firewall ports, and creating a high-quality and stable audio path.

Dealing with the server question first; I absolutely do not recommend opening holes in your firewall. There are a lot of solutions available which eliminate that need. I use Hamachi which has an additional benefit in that the clients are coordinated via a central server so a static DNS is not required. I simply point my remote HRD instance at the private IP assigned to my home system by Hamachi and I'm connected.

Getting quality audio across the Internet used to be a challenge, but after using Skype this year for business I think it's ready for prime time. I created a separate Skype client ID intended only for receiving inbound calls from me when I'm remote. I set Skype to auto-answer, and point the audio paths to my rig's sound interface.

Detailed diagram of my setup is available here.


Randy said...

Hi came across your blog. I have about the same setup for remote control. I use TRX-MANAGER for radio control and logmein for remote desktop control of computer. And skype for the audio link. Works great, watch my demo.

Randy K7AGE

baslev said...

Hi there, using HRD I noticed the possebility of remote control. Unfortenatly it seems to be too difficult to configure my wireless router/modem to open ports. So I was searching for another solution. Found it at, works well and use skype for audio. Advantage is that I can control my radio on any internetcomputer.

73 de PE4BAS Bas

Bob/Paul said...

HRD is a windows application. How is it be possible to run on X-Windows?

73 KC0WIV Paul

Sparqi said...


Have you considered Googling for "linux rig control"? You will find some viable options. You may also want to take a look at:



thevidiot said...

For audio, I use IP-Sound rather than Skype. It is peer to peer and has lots of codecs available for various amounts of compression/quality. While SM5VXC is no longer updating the program, I have found that it doesn't require any additional features. Do a search for Christopher's call sign (SM5VXC) to find it.