Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Reluctant Webmaster

I've been spending the last few days educating myself on the nuances of website management, on account of being recently elected to Vice President at the Wireless Communications Alliance. The WCA has a "working board" which means I'm doing all this myself. Google AdSense, Google Analytics, XML sitemap generation, etc... I recently swapped out our old DreamWeaver/FrontPage site for a Drupal CMS site, and that's really made all this a LOT easier. If you haven't used a CMS system before and you do site development, especially for dynamic sites which have constantly updating content, I really suggest you consider switching. Drupal is Open Source, widely used, and very powerful. Once you get through the initial setup it's amazingly easy to add features. When I wanted Google Analytics I went and fetched the Drupal module for this and was done in two minutes. Google AdSense setup was also very easy with the Drupal module.

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