Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Remembering Ramon Abelleyro

I received an email this evening from someone on the Private Wireless Forum mailing list that a colleague had passed away back in June 2014.  +Ramon Abelleyro was the owner of Radio Systems Engineering, a consulting firm that operated out of British Columbia.

I don't yet know the circumstances of Ramon's passing.  I plan to do some phone calls tomorrow and try to understand what happened.

Ramon consulted for me in 2013 while I was at Anritsu.  He wrote a White Paper on application of the LMR Master to ITC-R Positive Train Control.  He knew the guys at Meteorcomm very well, and in general was viewed as an expert in the often fluid and nuanced world of PTC technology.

I'll always remember Ramon as a guy who loved to build things.  His website and marketing materials often included photos of him standing next to densely-pack rack (or racks) of equipment.  He integrated one of my products into one of these, adding an expensive high-power amplifier and filters which he paid for himself, just so he could do some testing and write an article.  He was a prolific publisher in Mission Critical Magazine on a wide variety of land mobile radio subjects.